total care reproduction

An All Inclusive Service With A Mission

SVS Total Care Reproduction service includes all drugs, supplies, expertise, hormones, surgery, embryo evaluation, embryo washing, implantation and laparoscopic artificial insemination for both the donors and recipients.

Southern Veterinary Services gives ranch owners 3-5 times the number of progeny per donor doe per year than normal Lap AI.

Mobile Hospital & Pharmacy

Always an innovator, SVS uses its signature mobile hospital concept to serve its client base. This rolling hospital houses a state of the art semen and embryo lab, surgery suite and equipment for cleaning and sterilizing instruments.

On-Site Pharmacy

Essential medications necessary for the programs are delivered to the client ranch in overnight shippers with cool packs to protect the efficacy of the drugs.

We Control and Provide:

  • Reproductive Hormones
  • CIDRs
  • Anesthesia
  • Anesthesia Reversal Agents
  • Thorough Semen Evaluation
  • Antibiotics​​

Semen & Embryo Services

Semen collection and embryo transfer continue to be a challenge for ranchers. However, SVS has managed to post consistent numbers annually for both northern and southern ranches.

Semen Services

  • Collection
  • Freezing
  • Collection For Sexing
  • Breeding Using Sexed Semen

embryo transfer services

Over 13 years experience with whitetail deer.

  • The First Team To Produce Sex Sorted Embryo Babies
  • Over 13 Years Experience With ET In Whitetail Deer
  • High Stick Rates
  • Exceptional Care Of Valuable Does

On-Site Visits

Along with the mobile hospital, clients receive two certified veterinarians with over 28 years in a single practice.

Differential Advantages

One of the most experienced teams in the industry:

  • Over 70,000 Animals Scoped
  • Professional Patient Care
  • Unparalleled Experience With Cervid Semen and Embryo Evaluation
  • Stable Licensed North American Veterinary Team

The Facts

SVS maintains consistent data across both
northern and southern farms.

northern farm rates

Mortality  .46%
Conception  77% – 81%
Fawn Crop 178% – 238%
Semen Utilization High
Morbidity Negligible

southern farm rates

Mortality   .76%
Conception  72% – 80%
Fawn Crop 120% – 170%
Semen Utilization High
Morbidity Negligible